Promote research and development of microchip technology

Promote research and development of microchip technology

Many “made in Da Nang” technology products have been deployed in many provinces and cities, such as: Firewall equipment (actively protect the security of the national information infrastructure, protect the owner national security and security on cyberspace with domestic resources and technologies); Traffic camera system, forest fire monitoring (using intelligent camera detecting traffic violation cases, accidents, traffic volume, detecting small fires, thereby timely handling ); Products for monitoring water pollution, air environment (collecting data for measuring the water and air quality, warning signs of pollution).

This is a public service unit under the Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang City. The center is established with the mission to promote the research and development of high technology solutions with domestic resources, aiming to launch high-tech products “made in Da Nang”.

Microelectronics is a nascent industry in Vietnam, the birth of Danang Microelectronics Center not only attracts young people, researchers and scientists but also places to contribute intellectual, To build up electronic products under Vietnam’s brand name, promote the development of scientific and technical levels and contribute to the economic development of the country.

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